Terms Resellers

• When asked Reseller Foundation AlkhalF it is provided backup service on the server daily, weekly and monthly, and not bear institution AlkhalF any liability in damage backup because of hacks and additions cause damage to databases or permits the wrong folders and files or amendment to the settings causing no Taking back correctly.
• Foundation provides AlkhalF administration and technical support for customers Resellers according to plans Subscribed across the only customers, nor Foundation is committed to the rear to provide any support service technician for the contents Resellers of programs or scripts, sites on the Reseller a responsibility owner Reseller himself, but not limited to (Forum, load centers, codes, scripts, content management software, etc.).
• Foundation provides AlkhalF service management and protection of Risalrat according to plans Subscribed, note that there is a difference between any breakthrough is on the site, forum or programming or script on Reseller and penetrate Reseller same, we responsibility is to protect the server itself that contains Reseller and not sites and scripts contained in your server, but you can request restore backups to any location exposed to penetrate through the process our customer area.
• in the event Rudd Report of Information Center existence files or programs or scripts offense and irregular it is correspondent client on mobile phone registered with us and asked our across the customer in order to stop the site and to inform the client so to delete the content or licensed, and are not open the site only after making sure delete the content or let us know what proves to complete the licensing process, and in the case of delayed client for our review or closure of the site for {24 hours} of being informed Reseller will be deactivated and the imposition of a fine of up to {SR 500} to re-open a new Reseller.
• Prevents the user exceeded consumption of server resources such as memory, processor, or disk space or the amount of data transfer to the specific percentage of disposable consumption or use of server resources constitute a danger or harm to the servers or clients.
• When desire client Risalrat not to renew service it he must submit a request to cancel the Reseller before the end of his involvement duration of not less than {Week} when the annual subscription, but not bear institution back a minimum responsibility for the data contained Reseller of loss or deletion in the case of delayed payment the customer more than {72 hours} of Expiry Date.
• In case of delayed customer to renew subscription Reseller date for the issuance of the bill, it is valet parking for {72 hours} before deleting permanently, and not added fined {180 SR} to bill renewing Reseller If prompted to re-service after the passage of more than {72 hours} mentioned, due to delays in the client when the renewal deadline has "This is an updated item according to the Convention on the institution use the AlkhalF."
• AlkhalF to extend my rear external backup service to customers Resellers except in the case thus provides, or the client's request for external backup service independently and surcharge are made clear to the customer.
• no right to customers Resellers {after a request Reseller} claim to cancel or restore service payments for any reason whatsoever.