Service Agreement

Please read carefully and interesting:
 This Agreement is the legal agreement between the customer and Foundation AlkhalF conditions set forth in the present Convention shall apply to each of the uses Services the Foundation AlkhalF and once you sign in any of the services institution AlkhalF .
 When you subscribe to any of the services institution behind you acknowledge your commitment to the full all that is contained in the following Services Agreement and is committed defray individually responsible for what comes from irregularities of your use of or one of your customers for the services provided by the institution AlkhalF.
 And your use of any of the e-services institution AlkhalF then you committed any damage that may result from your account or services provided to you and individually responsible for compensation AlkhalF from any institution may be exposed to losses as a result of breach of the Terms of Use.
 Client is committed to the ethics of modern public and not any of the conversation AlkhalF any institution team assaultive style or out of public morals, and any words abuse or ridicule or belittle the successor institution or any of the crew will be only stop your entire account and delete the services provided to you without Foundation holds AlkhalF any responsibility towards it.
 Backups responsibility of the client first and foremost and not the institution back to the work of any external backup of customers and do not take responsibility for damage or loss of or loss of any copy or any other site on the client server.
 Amounts paid Back guarantee
 - The customer the right to refund during the 30-day period from the date of service billed according to the following conditions:
 - In case of delayed technical support to provide any solution to the problem caused by the system or connect or any program was a combination of the Foundation through the AlkhalF.
 - Foundation AlkhalF the full right to reinstate the server to solve any problem you see that solution is a bug in the system.
 - If you do not respond to the client for a period of 48 hours - the condition applies to the technical support department for servers only.
 - In case of server failure due to any program or any amendment or any action by the client is not entitled to demand the return of the amount.
 - Amounts that are returned by the decision of management institution AlkhalF from 15 to 30 days from the date of approval of the refund.
 - In the case of suspended any problem with your service provider (data Center) whether the delay in the delivery of service for the prescribed period or technical malfunction Corporation shall not be AlkhalF responsibility for good.
 - Foundation AlkhalF the right to accept or reject the request refund if management deems Foundation AlkhalF that the service does not find any technical shortcomings.
 - No customer is entitled to reclaim the amount if the service is not suitable for his or customers and alone bear the selection of service and does not interfere Foundation AlkhalF in it.
 - No customer is entitled to a replacement service in the event processing service required him or if the start of processing in the successor institution to the Information Technology.
 Services provided in an institution AlkhalF is a prepaid service and are not equipped with any services unless they pay for the service required fully Enterprises Ltd. reserves the right to reject any new customer service or refuse to renew any customer without giving any reasons.
 Modify Use Agreements
 Terms of Service Enterprises Ltd. is subject to change or modification at any time and without notice, may not be an institution AlkhalF in the changing services that you cancel the service for the customer or cancel the contract entirely with the client, and conditions that are modified or changed in the Terms take effect immediately put in the official website of the Foundation AlkhalF and the customer agrees to be bound by the full any modifications performed on the Terms purpose of maintaining the continuity of the successor institution and ensure the stability of clients and servers services provided to them and will not allow the institution AlkhalF to veto any amendments or Rules may be developed in the Terms.
 Non-renewal of the service / non-payment
 In the absence of renewal of service and delays without obtaining prior permission from the institution AlkhalF will be suspended service before the end of hosting 72 hours and to restart the service again automatically from the system please pay bills and if not renewed within 72 hours will be added $ 180 Real to restore service during the three first days after 72 hours specified for the client and in the event of non-renewal of service for a period of 10 days will be deleted service provided to the customer in full and will not bear the institution AlkhalF any responsibility towards it is not entitled to the customer to claim any AlkhalF up or restart the service again .. Advise clients to keep a backup copy of continuously The successor institution does not bear any responsibility towards the customer backup.
 Suspension of Services
 In the event of suspension of services due to non-payment of financial dues will be the duty of paying the amount of 5% of the value of the invoice in a maximum period of 15 days from the date of issuance of the bill in the event of delay for the payment of the fine will be re-stop service again ... Must obtain prior authorization from the institution AlkhalF to allow delayed payment of the fine and in case of refusal team accounts will not be restarted only after the payment of the fine, and the service will not start until after the full payment of the invoice due with payment of the full amount of the fine.
Cancel Service
 When the client wants to cancel the service that the service is canceled must send us an email before the end of the service three (3) days.
 Distributors Corporation AlkhalF they must notify us of cancellation before 24 hours before the end of the service.
 Fraud attempts
 If the client has any Fraud account will be terminated completely and stop the services provided to the customer and not the customer has the right to claim any backup copies and may result in any fraud attempts prosecute offending legally.
 Disclaimer and Compensation
 We offer our services to customers as is "with all errors" and do not provide any express or implied warranties, or any guarantees about our services institution AlkhalF is party to provide the service and does not assume any responsibility for any errors that may result from natural factors or cosmic and do not offer any compensation for any interruptions to services, We at the AlkhalF do not accept liability for any errors that may result from the service or any Anqataat may be the result of the service provider master or because of any damage or damage or procedures maintenance service provider, as and denies Enterprises Ltd. full responsibility for the loss or loss of any backups private customers we a service provider servers only and not be responsible for the work of any to backup clients responsible for his full and your use of our services is at your own risk without any responsibility on the institution AlkhalF permanently.
 Any dispute that may arise as you and between institution AlkhalF or otherwise in any way or any attempt slander or abuse Foundation AlkhalF will be against which to close your account entirely in our institution AlkhalF and also delete all services and servers provided to you without any responsibility on the institution AlkhalF once and may need to be legally Mlahaktk damage successor institution commercially and will be the successor institution alone estimated how to allow you to use their services again.
 You agree to be bound by the full not to damage the successor institution or its employees or management or servers or clients and will bear any costs or fines arising from poor use of the Services Foundation AlkhalF.
 Technical Support
 Foundation AlkhalF provides technical support for the client direct them only and does not deal with any third party for good, not entitled to any person shall request any technical support from outside the registered account in the customer organization AlkhalF - technical support provided by Foundation AlkhalF for free includes server operating Ali Internet and operating system work and work the control panel that is fitted through the institution of the AlkhalF just is not, and does not offer any successor institution free technical support for any software to be installed by the customer.
 Foundation AlkhalF provides technical support for sites or forums and in the event of client interface is any problem in any website or forum must communicate with us through tickets or chat Alambachro if there were any requirements needed program or scripts certain to run on a server should the customer notifies Team Foundation AlkhalF and any adjustments are made to guarantee the client and does not assume any of the Team Foundation successor liability for any modifications are performed at the request of the same client on the server.
 Foundation AlkhalF does not provide any technical support for software servers of type Level III 3rd Party sense that supported programs within the institution AlkhalF is the operating system and control panel that is installed by Team Foundation AlkhalF and any request for the installation of other software will be installed paid is determined by type of request or program.
 Not entitled to technical support client demands in the successor institution to resolve any problems resulting from his request for the installation of any type of program 3rd Party and any solution to any problem will be a fee and is free.
 Check websites or a virus scan or dangerous files on the server or identify the causes of pressure on the server or examine any problem in the server service is free runs for 150 riyals to be repaid only once and the service is working only once.
 Transfer sites are free of charge and does not assume any of the Team Foundation successor liability for any malfunctions or defects may result from differences in the versions of the server that the site is transferred to it and solve problems before transport is the responsibility of the client and not the responsibility of the institution AlkhalF.
 Protection Servers
 When we introduced the customer service protection servers, we will provide security and protection with high levels of security, but we show that there is no 100% protection in the world of technology, so we do not accept compensated if exposure your server or your site or your board of penetration after we introduce your server protection service.
 Violation of property rights / spam / spam
 Foundation successor reserves the right to prevent the transmission of any mail is through servers in case there was any attempt to work spamming or use messages that might harm the services institution AlkhalF and will be alert client only once and will then be cut transmission service for server permanently.
 The steps involved in the case of violation of property rights:
 Are open ticket in the client's account in violation and the customer response within 48 hours and if after 48 hours and have not received replies are suspended service with the addition of a fine SR 90 to restart the service and stop until the response from the customer within a maximum period of 72 hours and then stop final and service is the client's responsibility to stop and any consequential consequences.
 If the client reporting violation Spam or violation of intellectual property rights and the violation is repeated, again from the same account is suspended service with the addition of a minimum fine SR 1000 or more as the damage that may occur to the successor institution or service provider.
 Bandwidth consumption / Altravek
 If skipping the percentage specified consumption of bandwidth / Altravek is added 5 SR for every GB are used and the customer the right to access private consumption Bsarferh or location of the control panel, which is supplied in the area of ​​our customer and using own data to enter.
 Verification of payment
 The client must provide us in the delivery of the payment process to be activated its own bill and in case you are willing to pay by credit card should be sent a copy of the personal identification and credit card accounts department.
Confidential customer information
 Foundation successor maintains the confidentiality of information customers and will not be leaking any information or declaration or ask any data or tips on our customer and we do not declare our customers to any persons and only case in which they are declared for any information or data in the event of any dispute between the successor institution and the client.
 Altalpegat electronic
 When you use any of the services institution AlkhalF you acknowledge and availability bound by full all and will be sent invoices and any notices you by e-mail and registered mobile and bears no institution AlkhalF responsibility not to check out the mail or your mobile, when there are not allowed God no malfunctions may occur for mail service provider you have, we offer you also archive messages from within your area institution customers AlkhalF.
 Full agreement
 This contract and any supplementary conditions published on our website constitute the entire agreement between you and the successor institution and supersede all prior or contemporaneous agreements, written or oral, and any amendments apply to agreements Utility future once declared in AlkhalF office site.
Conflict Resolution
 You agree to abide by the full Saudi laws and the laws of the United States of America on the use of enterprise services AlkhalF, and that any disputes or disagreements may be against us, you agree to be resolved only by Court Qurayyat - Saudi Arabia, please be aware that once you use any of the services institution AlkhalF you acknowledge that you assignee for any claims I may be no other courts or other methods of claims.
Note: Since you are hosted on our servers, if you are OK on the laws of the successor institution.
 Note: We amendment to these laws at any time without giving reasons.
 Note: not allowed in any form to tell us that you did not read the laws or do not know.