About AlkhalF

Foundation AlkhalF to integrated Web services: 

Is a subsidiary of the AlkhalF of global trade and information technology.
It is an institution Saudi official Saudi commercial record number 3452005912
The headquarters: Kingdom Saudi Arabia Qurayyat City.
And operate under the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At a time of rapid development of the Web and new technology aimed Foundation AlkhalF through this group of services to provide integrated solutions to its customers include consultancy services and the development and implementation of applications and services operating, training and web hosting and development, and subsequent marketing, support and maintenance of the sites, has gained Foundation back experience It has the necessary competencies and capabilities to carry out all the work you want on the Web.
Successor has begun since 2006 and was officially registered in Saudi Arabia since 2008 and is continuing and keep up for renewal and development.


Tracking Foundation AlkhalF distinct ways to develop and improve the performance and we are proud to use a series of the finest technicians Trainers in hard work and continue to upgrade and improve our systems and to provide them with all that is new in the world of technology, in order to be on the level of confidence that our customers give us.


We basically deal with customers because they are new to the internet services that insure them from the beginning to the end, which develops confidence among our organization and among our valued customers. Have tried to work with the companies hosted many, and have found frustrating because of the maltreatment, so we care about and stick with the consent of our customers and consider them a priority of priorities, center services provider team coach in their respective fields, and technical support is available around the clock to resolve any obstacle facing customers.

Experience necessary:

The technology today a necessity of success of any business, and the presence of competent people is a sensitive and important to the superiority of any company, we have in the institution AlkhalF qualified team includes geniuses in the field of Administrative and artists in the field of design and experts in the programming and management of servers, the degree of skill and professionalism in super team, and you get mainly from his experience in his field and courses in which they participated.


Headquarters Foundation AlkhalF in Qurayyat province north of Saudi Arabia


- Providing high-performance technology in its field.
- Add a safe environment and unique to the Arab user.
- Increase the level of confidence of the Arab user.


Hosting - Programming special sites on demand - web design professionally high and strong capabilities and a great experience - technical support sites and forums and manage private servers - SMS messages and smart mobile applications